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Diademaproetus sp., a trilobite from Morocco, is similar to Cornuproetus in size and shape, but with a few morphological differences. The anterior border of Diademaproetus is elongated forming a 'tongue' or a sub-triangular cephalic process, whereas in Cornuproetus the glabella is rounded. The genal spines are long sometimes reaching the distal part of the pygidium. Both Diademaproetus and Cornuproetus have holochroal eye lenses. It dates from the Devonian.

The trilobite has been liberated from its matrix so it appears to be suspended in air. The trilobite measures 1.20 inches long and 1.0 inches wide. The matrix measures 2.0 inches long and 2.0 inches wide. the height of both is 1.1 inches.

The trilobite has been repaired across the cephalon and through the base of the left genal spine.

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